The study program varies between lectures, workshops, discussion of cases, and the largest part is the practical part, where the program provides a number of cases and is treated under the supervision of trainers with experience in teaching the program

The trainees assist with their colleagues’ cases and follow up on their treatment plans wich will enrich their knowlrdge with different variations

The trainee will be able to follow up his special cases in his workplace with orthodontic through the presentation of seminars

The program is also keen to follow the trainees of the modern technologies used in the calendar (Digital Orthodontics – lingual orthodontics-clear aligners)


The doctor obtains a degree from a prestigious university in Britain .In addition to registering him as an orthodontist

The certificate is recognized in the Gulf countries as a specialist and then a consultant (in some countries) after a number of years of experience. You can refer to the classification guide for each country.

It is equated with a specialist orthodontic degree from the Egyptian Dental Syndicate after obtaining it directly and a consultant after two years of experience.

The certificate is equivalent to a master’s degree by the Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities after preparing a dissertation.

The program is a long-term investment so that the trainee can get the cost of the program or more by the fees of 20-30 treatment.


The largest possible number of cases is provided and the student has the right to bring his own cases for follow-up or follow up his cases in the outpatient clinics with the lecturers

The cost of materials for the cases that take place in the place is borne by the program

The student is only required to bring his tools


The theory exam consists of 180 MCQ in a 4-hour period Available in Cairo , Alexandria, Bahrain, Dubai, Khartoum … etc. and now available in online form

Discussing the trainee in four Cases that he completed during the Training to reflect the quality of the Training and the diversity of the Treatment plans that he Implemented

Discussion of the trainee in four of cases is presented by the examiners to measure the student’s ability to diagnose and develop treatment plans

A communication skills test in which the student’s skills to communicate with patients are measured through 4 scenarios.


A copy of bachelor’s degree

A copy of the concession certificate

Profession license or syndicate card

Passport or national ID card

A personal interview for each trainee